Deus Ex Brunnio Chainmaille Regalia





Deus Ex Brunnio Chainmaille Regalia

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My Name is Baelrog Maillestrom (Tyler H.). This is my website where I showcase and sell my chainmaille creations.

For those who don't know what chainmaille is, chainmaille is metal wire, bent into rings, then woven into a fabric or rope. The Celts discovered chainmaille as a way to armour their warriors. The earliest examples of chainmaille were found to be dated to 3000 BC. The Japanese also started making chainmaille, but never fully developed it the way it was in the west.

Now, chainmaille has found its way into jewellry, clothing, butcher's gloves, shark bite suits, and of course, armour. The only chainmaille armour you'll find now is used in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) tournaments. Chainmaille, when made correctly, is actually quite comfortable.

I am a one-man operation, creating Chainmaille as a hobby. I would be glad to take requests for absolutely any jewellery, "modern-styled" Chainmaille clothing item, and things not commonly made from chainmaille.

I started making chainmaille in July 2002. I can make whatever chainmaille item your imagination can come up with. The most common items are:

But the choices are not limited to those on the list. I am in the process making armour and chainmaille clothing. I can do different weaves and also obtain different metals as well. The metals possible are as follows:

    1. Aluminum (Anodized and Bright varieties)
    2. Galvanized Steel (Armour only)
    3. Stainless Steel (302-316L Spring Tempered)
    4. Titanium (CP1, CP2, Grade 5, Anodized, Polished)
    5. Inconel (Nickel-Chromium-based super-alloy; Used in Aerospace)
    6. Cupric metals (Copper, Bronze, Brass, Goldfill (Goldfill is gold-plated brass))
    7. Gold (White, Yellow, 10K-19K)
    8. Silver - all grades Sterling, Fine, and Super fine (Jewelry only)
    9. Platinum (Extremely expensive and for Jewellry only)
    10. Niobium (Jewellry only)

To view my Chainmaille works, Click on the " Jewellry" button for my chainmaille jewelry, "Armour" button for my Armour and Clothing works, and the " Custom" button for any of my customer's special orders.

To contact me, or to find out more, click on the "Contact" button. I am taking orders right now for anything in my repertoire and beyond. I custom-make all of my chainmaille to my customers unique measurements and tastes.

All items posted here are priced in Canadian dollars and include shipping, unless otherwise specified.

Also, all my products come with a one year warranty. If for any reason your chainmaille product decides to come apart under normal "wear-and-tear", I will repair it for you, no questions asked.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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